Get started with the entity formation checklist

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It looks like you’re ready to get started with creating your corporation or LLC. While you’ve likely already made some decisions to get you to this point, you still have some ways to go in ensuring you create the right business entity.

And to that end, I welcome you to fill out the Entity Formation Checklist. There’s no obligation to download and use the checklist. It’s yours for free. Even if you don’t choose to use us to help you with your business formation, we still want you to get off to the right start. And filling out the checklist will help you with that.

If we’re working together, you’ll still need to fill out this checklist so we can ensure we’re on the same page and that you have your ducks in order – this will save you time and money down the road. So either way, feel free to download it now, and fill it out when you’re ready.

Click here to download the Entity Formation Checklist (download fillable PDF)

Click here to download my Rate Sheet (PDF)


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